2016: Year in Review

As the year draws to a close, it’s helpful to think about particular ways God has been at work, lest we forget God’s graciousness to us in Christ Jesus.

The Gospel Coalition Arizona exists to equip pastors and their churches for Gospel-centered ministry through conferences and small groups for lead pastors. We praise God for providing growth and maturity in each of these areas.


January—We partnered with Phoenix Seminary to host Unraveling Revelation with two world-renowned New Testament Scholars Greg Beale and Tom Schreiner who led us through significant keys to understanding their interpretations of Revelation, coupled with a great deal of practical application for our daily lives. You can listen to their talks and interviews here.

March—We responded to surveys from past events by hosting our first women’s conference with Nancy Guthrie, titled the Big Story of the Bible.  Nancy demonstrated how to view the Bible as a unified story of God’s redemption that climaxes in Christ. Listen here if you missed her main sessions or interviews with Rich Richardson on God's Big Picture and Holding Onto Hope.

October—We partnered with GCU and and Training Leaders International for an event focused on music called Orthodoxology. Irish singer/songwriter Keith Getty who authored songs such as In Christ Alone and Speak, O Lord, joined local pastor Chris Daukas and music leader Malachi Tresler to consider how congregational music shapes us as much as we shape music. You can listen here for resources on thinking through corporate music.

OctoberTim Savage, author of No Ordinary Marriage, led a conference for pastors and their wives. Tim served our couples well by inspiring them to live for something beyond themselves and bless their congregations with fruitful marriages.

Pastors’ Small Groups

To date, we have four monthly groups for lead pastors across the state with 8-14 participants in each. These groups share about their personal lives, pray for one another, and discuss issues specific to the Lead Pastor role.

"My TGC small group has been consistently life giving. The mutual care and brotherhood we've experienced has been an anchor for me. I love being connected in a personal way to God's broader kingdom work in the valley and my TGC small group has given me that opportunity."
- Freddy T Wyatt of FSBC Scottsdale

"Our TGC group has been a lifeline for me through some of the ups and downs of ministry and life. Faithful prayer, continuing fellowship, and challenging conversations have refreshed my ministry and strengthened my faith. I try my best never to miss."
- Ben Burdick of Grace

We continue to find encouragement about the men who are being added to our numbers. Men have joined us who have just begun their ministries as well as men who have demonstrated decades of fruitful faithfulness. Each of us are better shepherds for what we glean from these times together, which encourage hearts and shape minds.

Executive Assistant Update

We recently hired Stephen Andersen to serve as our Executive Assistant. Stephen recently stepped away from a 14 year career with UPS to work on an MDiv at Phoenix Seminary. Some things you need to know about Stephen: he loves Jesus, smiles, high fives and hugs. You can expect to hear more from him in the future.

Future Events

We have many exciting events scheduled for 2017. Be sure to mark your calendars now!

January 20-21: Sola 500—We are partnering with Phoenix Seminary to invite Wayne Grudem, Michael Haykin, and Brian Arnold to lead us in celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and to discuss and consider the future of the faith in Christ alone.

March 4-5: Biblical SpiritualityDonald Whitney will lead us in thinking through spirituality in Biblical ways. We live in a context similar to Corinth with all kinds of confusing teachings on spirituality. There are few who are more experienced and studied at bringing clarity to spirituality than Mr. Whitney. He will serve us well by grounding our spirituality in God’s self-revelation.

June 9-10: Help Me Follow JesusMark Dever, Tim Savage, and others will lead us through considering how we can learn to become better disciples of Jesus, which will enhance our disciple-making abilities.

October 25-27: Simeon Trust Workshop on Biblical Exposition—David Helm, author of Expositional Preaching and The Big Picture Storybook Bible, and the Executive Director of Simeon Trust will lead a 3-day, hands-on workshop to improve the preaching skills of preachers. Attendees will receive a combination of training on sermon preparation and receive sermon feedback.

Monthly Pastors’ Small Groups—We have small group meetings for lead pastors valley wide. We would love for you to join one of these groups to encourage others and be encouraged. Contact Stephen Andersen today to obtain more details regarding times and locations.

Thank you so much for your support through prayer, friendship, and giving. As always, you can give a tax-deductible donation here. We pray that God continues to use us to be a blessing to pastors and their churches to the glory of God in 2017!
Grace and peace,
Josh Vincent
o/b/o TGC AZ Steering Team